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Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure includes all the hardware and software resources that enable connectivity between your users, your applications and your devices. It is the foundation of your IT environment. The way the network elements such as switches, routers, firewalls, etc. are interconnected and configured can have a great impact on the performance of your applications, services and business operations in general.

At Altis Technologies, we can help you design and implement a new network or resolve performance and security issues on an existing LAN, WAN or SD-WAN infrastructure. Our expertise comprises routing and switching, traffic load balancing, encryption and security of the management and data planes, layer2 and layer redundancy, network segmentation, etc.

Services Include
  • Network design

  • Network installation and configuration

  • SD-WAN design and implementation

  • LAN and WAN segmentation

  • Network audit and optimization

  • Resolution of LAN, WAN or SD-WAN issues

Optical Fiber
Structured Cabling
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